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Yunnan Baiyao Powder 4g/Bottle (China Warehouse)

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>>Warehouse: China warehouse

>>Shipping: 10~20 days via China Post ePacket


>> Specification

4g Yunnan Baiyao Powder per bottle.
1 insurance pill (the red pill) per bottle

>> Storage
Keep airtight in dry environment.

>>Product Introduction

Widely used everywhere in China, Yunnan Baiyao is one of the miracles of Traditional Chinese Medicine: It has a legendary reputation for immediate stopping internal and external bleeding, relieving swelling and severe pain, working as a disinfectant.

Yunnan Baiyao effects are very powerful. It is the fastest treatment of different traumatic injuries, sports injuries, wounds made by knife, even bullet, or if you cut yourself shaving, no matter how severe they have been, just sprinkle it directly into a open wound, followed by pressure on the injured place.It is commonly used to treating bruises, contusions, chilblain, rheumatism and numbness, pains in bones muscles and joints. It can be used to arrest hemorrhage, stanch bleeding, activate blood circulation, eliminate inflammation and swelling, disperse blood clots, discharge pus and counteract toxin.

Everyone must have Yunnan Baiyao at home or car and in first aid kit in case of emergency. If an accident were to occur, this powder could be very, very important. It can be used for pets (dogs, cats) wounds as well. In addition, yunnan baiyao diminishes itch and swelling due to mosquito and insect bites, it has become a medicine commonly used in Chinese families everyday.

Yunnan Baiyao can be found in capsules for internal wounds or it can be used it as a powder or plaster directly to a wound to provide a treatment for external injuries. In case of excessive blood loss, a small red pill is included with each package of powder bottle to prevent the person from going into shock. This is concentrated form of Yunnan Baiyao, called Baoxianzi or "Insurance Pill for a Serious or Emergency Case" in English. The red pill should not be taken unless severe loss of blood has occurred and the person is losing consciousness. These are all serious conditions requiring immediate medical care. The red pill of Yunnan Baiyao reportedly saved many lives of people that had been seriously wounded during the war time.

>>Main Indications

Cuts, open wounds, other external trauma, internal bleeding or hemorrhaging (such as bleeding gastric ulcers, haematemesis, haematuria, haemoptysis and epistasis). Also, gynaecological conditions with blood stagnation including menorrhiagia, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, postpartum or post termination blood stagnation and haemorrhage, placental retention, fibroids and painful gynaecological masses.


Stopping bleeding, dispersing stagnant blood, invigorating blood, relieving pain. Important first aid medicine for internal and external bleeding, traumatic swelling, and insect bites. Commonly used for excessive menstrual bleeding, severe menstrual cramps. May also be used topically for skin infections such as abscesses, boils, carbuncles and ulcers, both acute and chronic non-healing.

>>Administration and Dosage

For wounds by knife, gunshot or traumatic injury, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, take with warm water.
For wounds with stagnated blood, swelling and pain, disease of gynecopathy, take with wine.
For initial stage of venomous sore, administer a dosage of 0.25g and apply on infectious area with a portion of powder mixed with wine. Do not apply powder on suppurative sore.
For slight injury and other internal hemorrhage symptoms, administer orally.
Oral Administration Dosage
1-2 capsules each time, 4 times daily. (for 2-5 years old children take 1/4 of dosage; 6-12 years old take 1/2 of dosage)
Take insurance pill (the red pill) for severe traumatic injury.

Yunnan Baiyao should be used only after consultation and in cooperation with your dog’s veterinarian.
General guidelines:
For dogs under 10 lbs, give 0.25g by mouth one time a day.
For dogs from 10 to 30 lbs, give 0.25g by mouth two times a day.
For dogs above 30 but less than 60 lbs, give 0.5g two times a day.
For dogs above 60 lbs, give 0.5g three times a day.
For cats refer to instructions above based on weight.
Best to give on alternating days, or for a 5-day on, 5-day off cycle that repeats.

EIPH in Horse
EIPH(Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage) is a condition in horses which leads to blood filling the airways of the lungs after intense strenuous activity.
To prevent or treat EIPH in horses, follow below instructions:
The day before competition, give 1 full bottle of the Yunnan Baiyao powder, AM & PM, but save the red pills.
On the morning of competition give 1 full bottle of the powder again saving the red pill.
Then at the Lasix shot use the 4th bottle of Yunnan Baiyao powder. At this time give all the 4 red pills that you have saved to the horse.

Do not take when pregnant, nursing or in allergic diathesis.

1. Avoid broad bean, fish, and sour, cold food within one day after administration.
2. Be sure to clean the wound surface before external use.
3. Be use to use the drug under doctor's supervision and control when high dosage is needed clinically.
4. If hypersensitive reaction occurs after administration, quit the drug at once and give anti-hypersensitive therapy depending on the severity of symptoms, in case of external use, remove it immediately.
5. For athletes use with caution.
6. Use the insurance pill (red pill) wrapped in the center of blister-pack for emergent severe traumatic injury or bleeding.
7. Contains Zconitikusnezoffii Radix Cocta which is processed AcontiKusnezoffii Radix. Toxicity has been largely eliminated and controlled within safety limit during process.

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