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Yunnan Baiyao for horses

Yunnan Baiyao for horses

Posted by Dr. Ray Chong on Jan 26th 2023

Yunnan Baiyao, also known by many other names including Yunnan Paiyao, is a hemostatic over-the-counter medicinal product made of 100% natural ingredients. This “miracle drug” was developed in Yunnan, China by the doctor Qu Huangzhang and is said to have a reputation equal to that of penicillin in the United States of America. Yunnan Baiyao was introduced to the West during the Vietnam War when American soldiers noticed Vietcong members wearing vials of the powder around their necks; they then discovered that the powder was used topically to stop the bleeding from bullet and knife wounds, thereby preventing them from bleeding out before getting medical attention. It was then dubbed “the white medicine of Yunnan”. Many other such anecdotes exist, such as the story of the army commander Wu Xuexian who was saved from almost certain leg amputation in the 1940s after being treated with this wondrous herbal medicine. Scientific studies have been conducted which produced some interesting and positive findings. One such study proved that Yunnan Baiyao reduces the clotting time of blood by 33% to 55% in both humans and animals.

The white drug from Yunnanbaiyao is usually administered for race-tracking horses because they have more risks of sustaining physical damages during races. They might fall while running the race tracks and thus become sick and wounded. This medicine can help to restore their health back, alleviate their pain, and cure the wounds and any open injuries on their external body.

Yunnan Baiyao is a remedy to EIPH or Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage in horse other than its known benefits in the treatment course of cancer in dogs. EIPH is a disorder resulting to blood filling the lung airways after an exhausting activity. To halt this condition in horses, these measures could be done:

– Give the horse 1 bottle (powder) in the morning and another one at night, a day prior to the race– save the red pills or safety pills for later use.

– Give the 3rd dose of powder in the morning of the race. Save the red pill.

– The final (4th) dose should be mixed with the injection of Lasix prior to the commencement of the race. Then give the four red pills.

In cases of serious external wounds, the powder form of this drug can be rubbed on the affected area by mixing it with a liquid, such as alcohol or wine. This should be secured with a snug bandage to prevent bleeding and promote wound healing. Horses are huge animals, so extra powder is required compared to treating wounds in humans. Thus, it is highly advisable to purchase in bulk for extra savings.

Whether you have non-racing horses or racing horses, Yunnan Baiyao is always handy to help your horses recover from various types of wounds, injuries, and other health conditions that result in internal bleeding. For racing horses, this medicine is even more useful because there are bigger risks of accidents that might cause your horses to sustain severe wounds and injuries. If it is not treated properly, it might be bad for your horse’s health in the long run.

This white drug from Yunnan has been used by veterinarians for many years, and it has been proven to help horses recover from their wounds and bleeding. It is also useful to help horses with EIPH problem to be able to perform their races normally if you use this medicine according to the usage direction. This medicine can also be used to treat external wounds either by sprinkling the powder on the wounded areas or making a paste to be applied topically on those areas.

All in all, with its effective natural ingredients, Yunnan Baiyao is completely safe for your horses, except for some horses that have special health conditions. Also, you should consult with your vet before starting to apply this medicine to your horses.

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