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The red pill in Yunnan Baiyao

The red pill in Yunnan Baiyao

Posted by Yunnan Baiyao on Sep 15th 2022

Position of red pill in Yunnan Baiyao powder/capsules.

Note: Only 1 red pill / package. Save them, don't throw them away!


What is the red pill

A red pill comes with every package of Yunnan Baiyao, whether in powder or capsule form.

It is known in Chinese as ‘Bao Xian Zi’, otherwise known as the "safety pill" or "trauma pill".

When this red pill will be needed

This tiny red pill is intended for severe emergency cases – extreme blood loss that can predispose a person into shock, which is fatal.


This pill must be taken only in the most extreme cases especially when there is loss of consciousness and massive volume of blood. For instance, conditions like gunshot wounds with severe bleeding and persistent uterine bleeding permits the usage of the red pill unless there are known problems with blood coagulation and other risk factors.

How to use


Taken 1 pill per day, intended for treating shock due to significant hemorrhage; it may also help alleviate pain. Its ingredients are not revealed.

The usual procedure is to take the pill along with the first dose of Yunnan Paiyao if there is severe bleeding.

For less severe bleeding, the pill is not used.


The red pill can be crushed and applied directly to the wound to stop bleeding.

Best when used in conjunction with the Powder to plaster the wound shut.

Not only excellent at stopping bleeding, but also helps to keep the wound free of infection.

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