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The 120th anniversary of the creation of Yunnan Baiyao

The 120th anniversary of the creation of Yunnan Baiyao

Posted by Yunnan Baiyao USA on Oct 14th 2022

In the 120-year journey, Yunnan Baiyao has turned around magnificently. Who would have thought that a dose of traumatic medicine powder with outstanding curative effect would grow into a flourishing consumer product group. After years of baptism and precipitation, the diligent pursuit of healthy living products has been integrated into the spirit of generations of Baiyao employees. Starting from Qu Huanzhang's rejuvenating medicinal herbs, it has inherited the large-scale production and preparation of specialized factories. Now, it has been carried forward under the precise and efficient cooperation of robots, benefiting hundreds of millions of consumers with quality of life. This is the fundamental value of Yunnan Baiyao's existence.

Yunnan Baiyao powder and its red pill

In the early 20th century, Ye Qu Huanzhang used Baibao Dan to heal others

Qu Huanzhang Pharmacy in the 1930s

Factory in the 1970s

Production Models in the 1970s

Yunnan Baiyao headquarters before relocation

Production area before relocation

Spray production line before relocation

The main entrance of Yunnan Baiyao Group Headquarters

Yunnan Baiyao Group Headquarters Building

Yunnan Baiyao Museum

Product Experience Center on the first floor of Yunnan Baiyao Headquarters

Yunnan Baiyao Manufacturing and Logistics Center

Manufacturing Center Power Workshop

The relocated spray production line

Yunnan Baiyao Health Industrial Park

Yunnan Baiyao Medicinal Botanical Garden

Plants in the medicinal botanical garden

For over 100 years, Yunnan Baiyao has not forgotten its original intention, still strictly controls the quality of raw materials, and provides customers with the safest and most effective medicines. In the future, Yunnan Baiyao hopes to open up more fields and continuously increase its market share.

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